We completely get it—finding a new way to heat your home can certainly seem like a daunting task. But, don’t worry just yet! You’ve still got plenty of time before the cooling season begins. Therefore, now is the perfect time to start considering your options!

One option to consider is a radiant heating system—they’re our favorite if you couldn’t tell by our name! Radiant heating systems offer so many benefits that we think you should be aware of, so below, we have listed a number of them for you. All you’ve got to do is keep reading to find out more!

First Off, What is Radiant Heating?

Let’s start with the basics: radiant heating systems apply heat directly to surfaces in the home. The heat then transfers through those surfaces, radiating out into the living space and warming the people and objects within it. Pretty neat, huh?

But, wait? Does it use air?

No, not at all! Unlike forced-air heating systems, like furnaces and heat pumps, radiant heating systems rely on a number of methods to bring heat to all the areas of your home. Some systems use electric panels in the walls or electric coils underneath the floors in order to generate heat. But perhaps the most popular, and most effective way to heat a home with a radiant heating system is with water. With this method, water is heated by a boiler and is then circulated around tubing installed beneath the floors of the home. The heat from the water warms the floor, and the heat then transfers upward.

What are the Benefits?

There are plenty of benefits of using a radiant heating system, including:

  • Efficiency – forced air heaters are not as efficient as radiant heating systems. Air does not retain heat as well as water does, and issues such as leaking ductwork further affect efficiency — and not for the better!
  • Comfort – hot air from a forced-air heating system will naturally rise, and that can be an issue. The heat can get trapped up at the ceiling, leaving the lower areas in the home cooler. This is especially problematic in homes with high ceilings. Radiant in-floor heating can keep you more comfortable.
  • Longevity – boilers and radiant heating distribution systems have fewer moving parts than furnaces. That means that there is less to potentially go wrong. When you choose radiant heating, you are going to get a great return on your initial investment.

Consult with a Professional

If you want to be absolutely sure that a radiant heating system is the best choice for your home, consult with a radiant heating professional. Only a professional has the expertise and experience to truly determine if a radiant system is going to be the most efficient and effective option and can help you select the system that is going to best meet your unique comfort needs. Trust us, when it comes to your heating in Santa Cruz, you don’t want to take any risks.

Contact the experts at California Radiant today to learn more about your options.