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It’s a chilly winter night and you come home anticipating a nice, warm home to relax in, only to be met with a radiator that won’t turn on, or isn’t reaching the temperature it’s meant to. We hope you never face this scenario, but the fact of the matter is that no appliance is perfect, and you may at some time or another require radiator repair.

The good news is that you can fend off the worst and most costly of radiant heater repair by investing in annual maintenance for this system. Maintenance allows our technicians to fully inspect your system, making any adjustments necessary in addition to any repair recommendations needed.

Contact California Radiant today for reliable radiator repair and maintenance service in Santa Cruz, CA, and the surrounding area.

Your Trusted Resource for Radiator Repairs

Our team knows radiators inside and out. In fact, boilers and radiant heaters are our specialty! The team here at California Radiant services all major makes and models from all different brands. When you get in touch with our team to inspect your radiant heating system for problems, in most cases we’re able to make repairs right there on the spot!

In some cases, your radiator may be a great candidate for replacement. If we feel this is the case, we’ll certainly let you know and help you make an educated decision about your next steps. We can replace your radiator with a new unit of the same type or upgrade your current system with a modern radiator of your choosing. We’ll be happy to discuss all your options with you.

Why Do Radiators Malfunction?

Radiant heating systems are very sturdy appliances, with few moving parts and subsequently less room for error like a forced-air system or ductless HVAC system. However, no machine lasts forever, and all appliances wear down over time as a natural part of operation. Some of the most common radiator problems come from corrosion, stuck thermostat openings, and broken pipes leading from the unit.

A basic system inspection from our pros can help detect these problems early on, long before one becomes a huge emergency requiring costly repairs. Of course, if you do have an emergency, we’re there for that too, 24/7. But we do offer annual inspection plans that are great for preventing these problems, and are extremely effective with radiator repairs. Contact our team for more information, or if you discover any of the following signs of radiator distress:

  • Uneven Temperature
  • Radiator Leak
  • Strange Sounds
  • Unpleasant Odors
  • Excessive Steam

Schedule Radiator Maintenance BEFORE Problems Crop Up

What should you do if your radiator stops working or if you suspect a problem? The best thing you can do is to turn the unit off until one of our pros can evaluate the situation. If you have an electrical radiator, it’s a good idea to turn off the attached circuit breaker too, so you don’t run the risk of another family member turning your malfunctioning radiator back on before help can arrive.

Additionally, if you do choose to try inspecting the system on your own, we advise that you avoid touching the radiator or handling any of its components for at least 30 minutes after you’ve turned the unit off. The high temperatures created by radiators can lead to burns, particularly if the unit is malfunctioning.

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