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Let’s say you’ve just had a new home constructed, and you planned on having a forced-air heater installed. But then after your home was done, you heard about the amazing benefits of radiant heating. Have no fear! In-floor heating is not your only option for radiant heating. The same convection that you get from underground tubing, you can get from radiators.

In fact, many older homes are equipped with radiators to provide homeowners in Santa Cruz, CA and the surrounding area with effective, efficient, and evenly distributed heat. Whether you need your radiator flushed or you'd like to install a new system, we're the premier provider of radiant heating services in Santa Cruz and the surrounding area. Curious about learning more? Give California Radiant a call.

For the best in efficient and effective radiant heating, contact us today! Give us a call to schedule radiator services in Santa Cruz, CA and the surrounding area.

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Your choice of radiant heating or any type of heating system will determine the method in which heat is distributed through your living space. In-floor heating produces radiant heating in your flooring, which makes you feel warm. Much like the ground outside on a hot day makes you feel warmer, so does in-floor heating.

A radiator operates by heating the air surrounding them using convection. This may leave you wondering how it’s different from forced-air heating. First off, you don’t need to worry about ductwork which can lead to inefficiency problems as well as indoor air quality issues. Secondly, instead of having heat blown out by a stagnant vent on the wall, the radiator system heats all the air in the room. The heated air rises and as it cools, it falls down to the ground level to be heated by convection again, creating a consistent flow of warm air.

For these reasons, a radiator is a great option for many homeowners. To schedule radiator installation in Santa Cruz, CA and the surrounding area, call our team today!

What Type of Radiator Is Best for Your Home?

There are a number of different types of radiators available. The kind you might be most familiar with is a baseboard radiator, which is a long, narrow unit that runs along the baseboards at the bottom of the wall. It radiates heat out, effectively heating the whole room. As mentioned above, the heated air rises, so floor placement makes the most sense for this type of radiator.

Radiant panels are another option. These are bit more complex, but some Santa Cruz, CA homeowners prefer them over the baseboard model. Radiant panels are most frequently installed in-floor, however they can be installed in walls and ceilings, too. To determine what type of radiator is best for your specific needs, contact California Radiant with any questions you have.

Select Our Team for Santa Cruz Radiator Repairs

Perhaps you already have a radiator in place, or multiple radiators throughout your home, but noticed they aren’t performing as well as you expect. You might notice uneven temperatures or strange sounds or smells coming from the system. These symptoms should never be ignored as they can wind up being dangerous if neglected for too long.

So what should you do if your radiator isn’t working, or you suspect something is wrong? Turn off the unit, including at the circuit breaker to reduce the risk of another family member turning it on while you wait, and give our professionals a call so we can inspect and repair your radiator. This will prevent serious issues from happening, reducing the risk of leaking, flooding, overheating, or fire.

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