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What if you could always rely on energy-efficient, evenly distributed heat, no matter where you were in your home? While the ever popular forced-air furnaces are still used in many homes throughout Santa Cruz, CA and the surrounding area, the best way to get this efficient heating we’re talking about is from a radiant heating system.

Whether you’re considering installing a radiant heater or want to schedule services for your existing heater, you can call the professionals at California Radiant for the job. We are the premier boiler and radiant heating service providers, and we look forward to seeing how we can help keep your home warm all through the cooler months.

Contact our team today for effective and reliable radiant heating services! Give us a call to schedule radiant heating services in Santa Cruz, CA and the surrounding area.

Your Radiant Heating Options

There are many reasons homeowners choose radiant heating. It’s energy efficienct, and even helps protect the planet, since you’ll be using less of the planet’s resources. There are two main types of radiant heating.

There is hydronic radiant heat, which comes from the distribution of hot water or steam. And then there is electric radiant heat, which is delivered through electrical cables installed directly on subflooring or in cement. At California Radiant we work with all radiant heating systems, from all the top brands. This includes, but is not limited to, Rheem, Goodman, and Bosch just to name a few.

Your home may respond better to different types of radiant heating material. With our team on your side, you can count on professional and reliable radiant tubing installation. Two types that we specialize in are ThermalBoard and Wirsbo hePex™ Piping:

  • ThermalBoard: This is a patented and highly effective modular radiant underlayment system crated for use with hydronic radiant heating systems.
  • Wirsbo hePEX™ Tubing: This is an Engel-method crosslinked polyethylene tubing with an oxygen barrier that prevents corrosion, a very important component for boiler and radiant systems given the nature of how they’re designed.

We look forward to helping you explore your in-floor heating options. Contact us today to learn more!

Comprehensive Radiant Heating Services

At California Radiant, we are the boiler and radiant heating specialists in Santa Cruz, CA and the surrounding area. This means not only do we carry the top brands and provide superior radiant heating installation, but you can also turn to us for exceptional radiant heating diagnostic, repair, and inspection. We have the latest tools and expertise to ensure that your radiant heating system is in top working condition.

For instance, we use advanced thermal cameras to inspect and diagnose any problems that might be occurring throughout your radiant heating system. In the case of gas fired radiant tubing, we use exhaust gas analyzers to ensure that your risk of CO exposure is under control. And finally, to prevent freezing within the pipes, we use a glycol injection pump to restore any fluids lost through leaks or damage to the water and glycol system.

The Benefits of Electric In-Floor Heating

As we mentioned above, one type of radiant heating is electric floor heating. This is ideal for customers who do not have easy access to a municipal gas line, or who have safety concerns and would rather not utilize gas. There are a number of benefits to going electric, including:

  • Even warmth throughout the home.
  • Luxurious ambience in the home.
  • Does not require natural gas or fossil fuels.
  • Perfect for basements.
  • Temperature is controlled to avoid overwarming.

Whether you choose to go electric or stick with the gas-fired radiant heating, the team at California Radiant is standing by to offer expert installation, as well as maintenance and repairs as needed.

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