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When you heat your home, don’t you want to do so efficiently? After all, why pay way more than you need to, in order to keep your home comfortable all winter long? Well, you may want to consider the installation of a baseboard heating system.

Baseboard systems offer a variety of benefits over other heating system types on the market. And with our customer-focused and results-driven staff assisting you, you can be sure to be matched up with the best radiant heating system for your Santa Cruz, CA home. Give us a call to schedule baseboard heating services in Santa Cruz and the surrounding area.

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How Does Hydronic Baseboard Heating Work?

You may have heard of baseboard heating before. After all, baseboard heaters have been around for decades. And at California Radiant, where we are staffed with the most knowledgeable hydronic heating technicians in the area, we harness the power of hydronic baseboard heating to deliver our customers a heating experience like no other.

Our baseboard heaters use hydronic power to deliver warm, comfortable heat to the flooring of your Santa Cruz, CA home. The baseboard draws in cool air into the system through the lower vents and heats it against the warm pipes coming from your boiler. In addition, we can help you customize your system to fit your exact living space and needs. Your comfort is our priority. Our installation and heating design professionals will do whatever it takes to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

The Benefits of Baseboard Heating

Because baseboard heaters use radiant heat rather than heating your air directly, they are extremely effective and efficient. Additionally, they do not dry out your indoor air further, like a forced air heater would. This can be a great advantage to homeowners who are sensitive to this sort of indoor air quality problem. Other benefits include:

  • Baseboard heating systems are affordable to install.
  • They utilize the highly efficient hydronic power of your boiler.
  • Depending on your flooring, heat can be held longer than other floor heating methods.
  • Baseboard heaters can be installed in various locations.
  • Baseboard heating provides consistent and reliable performance.

To learn more about baseboard heating, or to schedule baseboard heating installation with our team, call on California Radiant today! We offer a 1-year guarantee on all equipment, so you can rest assured that you have the best heating system possible.

Help the Environment with Baseboard Floor Heating

In addition to how effective and efficient baseboard heating is, this heated method is also great for the environment, since it uses less energy than other heating sources, and utilizes natural and renewable resources.

Hydronic heating systems use warm water. This means your home won’t be using up other valuable resources or fossil fuels to keep your space comfortable. This also means you won’t have to risk things like gas leaks—while the gas-powered heating systems of today are designed with consumer safety as a top priority, the danger of cracked heat exchangers and relevant gas leaks are still a concern for many homeowners throughout Santa Cruz, CA and the surrounding area.

To learn more about the many advantages of utilizing baseboard heating, contact your premier boiler specialists at California Radiant today!

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