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Boilers are designed to last a very long time, but only have the ability to do so if they are properly cared for by highly experienced and trained professionals. Fortunately, you needn’t look very far for boiler experts in Santa Cruz, CA. California Radiant is the premier boiler merchant and service provider for Santa Cruz and the surrounding area.

With regular boiler maintenance performed by our team, you can ensure that your system is thoroughly checked over for potential repair issues and given the service it needs to last its entire lifespan. Also, by investing in our boiler service agreement, you can rely on this thorough maintenance once a year.

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Our 19-Point Boiler Inspection

Our boiler inspection services cover everything necessary to ensure that your hydronic heating system is performing as safely and effectively as possible. Our technicians will cover 19 points during our maintenance check:

  1. Photo and Inspection of Boiler and Piping
  2. Photo and Inspection of Rating Plate with Model and Serial Number
  3. Visual Inspection of Boiler
  4. Check for System Pressure Gauge
  5. Check for Pressure Read
  6. Expansion Tank Check
  7. Expansion Tank Visual Inspection
  8. Check for Pressure in Expansion Tank
  9. Check for Backflow Preventer
  10. Check Visual Condition of Backflow Preventer
  11. Check for Pressure Reducing Valve
  12. Check Visual Condition of Pressure Reducing Valve
  13. Check for Air Eliminator
  14. Check Visual Condition of Air Eliminator
  15. Visual Inspection of Primary Pump
  16. Check for Pressure Relief Valve
  17. Check for Pressure Relief Piping and Water Present in Pipe
  18. Check Combustion Venting
  19. Check Exhaust Venting

At the end of our inspection, we provide you with a custom report so that you know what we looked at and if any problems cropped up during the service.

When You Need Boiler Repairs

Our maintenance services are thorough, but there is always the chance you may need boiler repairs in between maintenance sessions. It’s vital that you know the signs to look for that something is amiss with your boiler, such as:

  • Overheating
  • Corrosion
  • Failed Pilot Light
  • Water Pooling Around the Boiler
  • Funny Noises Coming from Boiler

If you notice any of these symptoms or believe something else might be wrong with your boiler, never hesitate to contact your Santa Cruz, CA boiler experts at California Radiant! Our technicians are on hand and ready to help, so give us a call for all of your boiler needs.

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