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California Radiant is the boiler specialist in Santa Cruz, CA and the surrounding area. What does that mean for you and your heating system? That when you need boiler repairs, we’re the team to call. Boilers are built to be incredibly sturdy and hold up to the test of time far longer than their forced-air counterparts. But this doesn’t make them immune to repair needs.

Professional boiler maintenance will certainly help fend off the most severe of boiler problems, but in order to keep relying on your boiler system’s ability to keep you and your family warm and comfortable during our chilliest winter days, you’ll want to keep up on your boiler repairs and hire trained and experienced pros to do so!

Contact our team today for reliable and effective boiler repair services. Give us a call to schedule boiler repair in Santa Cruz, CA and the surrounding area.

Comprehensive Boiler Repair Services

No matter what your boiler repair needs are, we are the team to handle them. With a 30-day guarantee on basic boiler repairs, you can rest assured that your boiler will work the way that it should. We specialize in boiler services, and can help you with the following problems and more, throughout Santa Cruz, CA and the surrounding area.

  • Expansion Tank Repair: The expansion tank is tasked with providing an air cushion for the water in your boiler as it expands during heating cycles. Without the air cushion, the interior pressure of the tank surpasses the release setting of the pressure release valve, causing low pressure throughout your boiler system.
  • Leak Repair: A boiler leak can occur for a couple different reasons. It may be due to corrosion over time, which could require a boiler replacement. But before you rush out to buy a new boiler, let our pros take a look to see if leak repair would be a better option for you.
  • Zone Valve Repair: The zone valve is the component that controls the flow of water, or steam, in a hydronic boiler system and allows for individualized heating in various zones of your property. A malfunctioning zone valve can result in a drop in efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Air Handler Repair: Hydronic air handlers are a good replacement for furnaces with a ducted system as they eliminate the need for a gas pipe, venting, and fresh air intake that furnaces require. However, due to the nature of these systems, they may require servicing every now and then. We repair and service many types of boiler and water heater air handlers, including Rheem, Bosch, and Goodman. Ask our team for more information!

To learn more about our Santa Cruz heating repair services, contact our team today!

When to Call for Boiler Repairs in Santa Cruz

One of the challenges of calling for boiler repairs when you need them is knowing that you need them in the first place. Boilers have fewer moving parts than heating systems such as furnaces or heat pumps. These forced-air systems typically make their repair needs pretty obvious. But there’s good news—you can look and listen for signs that you do in fact need boiler repairs. These signs include:

  • Rumbling Sounds: Boilers are relatively quiet heating systems. So if you’re all of the sudden hearing a rumbling noise coming from the boiler or beneath your floors, this is definitely a symptom of boiler failure.
  • Loss of Heat: If you’ve noticed uneven heat distribution in your home, then you may certainly need boiler repair. Though rare in the Santa Cruz, CA area, frozen pipes are a risk and therefore a repair call should never be delayed.
  • Thermostat Malfunction: The good news with this boiler repair need is that it doesn’t indicate a problem with the actual boiler system, but rather the thermostat that controls the temperature. Still, this is definitely a repair need worth calling our pros for.
  • Leaking: You should never see water forming around the base of your boiler. If you do, it could be from damaged connectors, corrosion, or an unforeseen rise in your water pressure.
  • Corrosion: This boiler repair need occurs when your boiler’s anode rod is no longer absorbing rust and must be replaced. Unfortunately, if your boiler reaches this point then you’ll need to replace the entire system. This is why annual boiler maintenance is so vital—it allows our technicians to thoroughly check your entire system for corrosion risks before they happen.

Whether you’ve been alerted to boiler repair needs by a pro or suspect something is amiss with your system, the best thing you can do is call the pros at California Radiant—contact us today!

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