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Give Your Boiler a Boost with Our Energy-Saving Tips!

Monday, February 10th, 2020

We could all use a few ways to save money, correct? Well, what if we told you that we knew a few ways to do just that? Yes, you read that correctly! See, our team is your go-to for all things boiler efficiency, and we’ve got a couple of tricks up our sleeves!

Of course, they say that magicians never reveal their secrets, but, we’re going to break that rule today. See, there are plenty of ways to boost your boiler efficiency and below, we have outlined a number of them for you. All you have to do is keep reading to find out more! Oh, and remember to contact our team when you need a heating repair company. 

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Please Don’t Wait to Schedule Your Boiler Repairs!

Monday, December 16th, 2019

Owning a boiler certainly comes with its benefits—these systems are sturdy, efficient, and provide an exceptional amount of comfort! But, no matter how great your boiler is, eventually, it is going to require repairs. But do not fret! We are here to help!

Of course, when something goes wrong with your boiler, the last thing you want to do is wait to call in a professional. But, how do you know when it’s time? Well, keep reading below! We have listed some of the tell-tale signs of a boiler on the fritz, that way, you’ll know precisely when to call our team.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop to it!


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Is Your Boiler Out of Whack?

Monday, October 21st, 2019

There is nothing worse than turning on your boiler only to discover that it isn’t working properly. But, have no fear—your boiler experts are here!

You see, every now and again, your boiler is bound to need repairs, so it’s important that you know the signs. In fact, there are plenty of signs that suggest it’s time to schedule your boiler repair in Saratoga, CA, and below, we have listed a number of them for you. All you’ve got to do is keep reading to find out more!

So, what are you waiting for? Hop to it!

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Here’s Why Your Repairs Can’t Wait!

Monday, August 12th, 2019

A boiler in disrepair can spell all sorts of trouble for your comfort and your wallet, especially during a chilly winter evening! So of course, you want your boiler to work efficiently and effectively all winter long. But, unfortunately, things do happen, and when they do, you might be tempted to hold off on scheduling your repairs until the end of the winter season. But trust us, this not the ideal way to go.

Ideally, you want to schedule your boiler repairs at the first sign of trouble, that way, you won’t have to worry about all sorts of crazy expenses. Below, we have listed just some of the many reasons why you definitely don’t want to hold off on your repairs. Keep reading to find out more!

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Is Your Boiler on the Fritz?

Monday, June 17th, 2019

You expect your boiler to remain in good working condition, especially during the winter! But, of course, things do happen, and every now and again, your boiler is going to require repairs. But do not fret! We are here to help!

There are plenty of signs that suggest your boiler is in need of repairs, and below, we have listed a number of them. All you have to do is keep reading to find out more! And remember, if you notice any of the following signs, it is important to contact your local heating experts for boiler repair in Los Gatos, CA right away!

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Do You Need Manifold Repairs?

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

A manifold in disrepair can cause all sorts of problems, especially for your comfort. However, what good is it to discuss the signs of a broken manifold before first explaining what a manifold is?

Your boiler’s manifold, also referred to as the boiler header, is designed to simplify the piping near the boiler by providing a central place to connect both your water supply and return lines. To put it simply, the manifold is where the heated water provided by you boiler is divided into smaller lines, allowing for even heating throughout your home.

So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time that we outline some of the signs that suggest you’ve got a faulty manifold on your hands. Keep reading below to find out more. 

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Tips for Boosting Boiler Efficiency

Monday, February 11th, 2019

money-savingWhile boilers aren’t the most common heaters used in our country, they sure are effective. The heating supplied by a boiler can be much more comfortable than that of a furnace. Plus, boilers have much less moving parts, making them less prone to needing repairs and maintenance. There’s not much to dislike about them.

But like any heating system, its efficiency and ability to perform relies solely on its owner. Without the right habits, your boiler won’t be able to live up to its potential for efficiency. But we can help you with a few tips:

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Don’t Wait to Schedule Your Boiler Repairs

Monday, December 31st, 2018

Even here in California, you rely on your heater to keep you comfortable during the chilly, winter months. If you own a boiler, you know how efficient and effective they are when they are functioning properly. So, if you’ve noticed any signs of an issue, your best bet is to contact a trained technician as soon as possible.

Although boilers are built to be incredibly sturdy, this does not make them immune to repair needs. To avoid causing further, significant damage to your system, you must keep up on repairs and only hire professionals to detect and fix any existing issues. Waiting to schedule your boiler repairs could result in some serious damages and end up costing you more time and money in the long run. 

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