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Serving Santa Cruz and Surrounding Areas

24/7 Emergency Service Available


Serving Santa Cruz and Surrounding Areas

24/7 Emergency Service Available


Give Your Boiler a Boost with Our Energy-Saving Tips!

We could all use a few ways to save money, correct? Well, what if we told you that we knew a few ways to do just that? Yes, you read that correctly! See, our team is your go-to for all things boiler efficiency, and we’ve got a couple of tricks up our sleeves!

Of course, they say that magicians never reveal their secrets, but, we’re going to break that rule today. See, there are plenty of ways to boost your boiler efficiency and below, we have outlined a number of them for you. All you have to do is keep reading to find out more! Oh, and remember to contact our team when you need a heating repair company. 

Some Ways to Save!

Here are a few of our favorite efficiency-boosting, money-saving boiler tricks:


The first thing is to ensure that your boiler is in good shape, and that’s through scheduling a maintenance check. No amount of energy-saving tactics will help you if your boiler is in need of boiler repairs— it would be the same as trying to run a marathon while you have the flu!

Even if your boiler doesn’t appear to be showing any visible signs of damage, you just can’t know for sure without that tune-up. Allowing your boiler to operate in such a state could invite the risk of further damage, as well as raising your heating bill.

Better Usage Habits

After you’ve got your system checked out, it’s best to think about changing your own habits:

  • Change the Way You Use Your Thermostat: One of the main challenges in keeping your home efficient is simply reducing your use of the thermostat. While we don’t believe homeowners should have to suffer by keeping the thermostat as low as possible, we do encourage them to use the programming and scheduling functions to use energy more wisely.
  • Find Alternative Ways to Keep Warm: Opening your curtains during a sunny day, wearing more layers, investing in a good blanket, and using your fireplace are all great ways to keep warm without having to use your boiler on full-blast.

Thermostat Upgrades

Smart thermostats help by removing the factor that most dramatically reduces efficiency: the human element! It’s in our human nature to want to fiddle with our thermostats through the day. Instead of taking it upon yourself to make that change, you can rely on the automatic functions of these thermostats. By learning your behaviors and preferences, smart thermostats can anticipate when you want the heat turned up. At the same time, they can ensure that you stay within your energy-saving goals.

Professional Service is Key

When it comes to things like scheduling maintenance or installing a new thermostat, you are going to want to make sure to hire a professional for the job. Trust us, only a certified heating pro has the tools, training, and expertise to get the job done right the first time around!

Want to learn more about our efficiency-boosting tips? Contact California Radiant today to speak with an expert.


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