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Thermostat Repair Services in California

Helping You Live More Comfortably

ThermostatThere’s no doubt that the thermostat on your in-floor heating system is important; if it experiences problems, you may not be able to enjoy your warm floors and may even experience dangerous power outages. At California Radiant, we specialize in thermostat repairs that will have your system back up and running as quickly as possible. Our certified repair and service technicians understand all aspects of in-floor heating and thermostats, and they can easily and quickly diagnose and repair any and all thermostat issues, allowing you to get back to enjoying your heated floors.

No matter what type of thermostat device you’re working with, our team can help. We can also install new units or replace existing thermostats for your in-floor heating that are designed to create the comfortable environment you and your loved ones desire and deserve. We know that dealing with thermostat repair issues can be complex and complicated, but our professionals make things simple by offering quick on-site repairs..

Signs of Thermostat Failure

  • Uneven Floor Temperatures
  • Cold Floors
  • Warning Signs from Your Electronic Thermostat
  • Strange Noises Coming from Your Thermostat
  • No Display on Your Electronic Thermostat

Don’t Wait

Don’t wait until you have a thermostat problem to call—you may only make the situation worse. California Radiant offers a number of regular inspection and evaluation solutions that are designed to keep your heating system running without problems. Our service professionals can work with you to ensure that your thermostat and your floor heating system continue to run at peak power all year, even if you’re experiencing inclement weather. We have the solutions that the other guys don’t, and our employees are the best in the industry.

Energy Savings

We can also save you money with our thermostat repair services. Your thermostat controls how much energy is used to heat your flooring, and when it malfunctions, it can lead to more energy production and higher utility bills.

Our goal is to keep you comfortable by providing warm floors, but we also want to keep your energy costs low. Using the latest in energy-efficient radiant floor heating and thermostat solutions, we deliver on that promise every single day.

For the best in thermostat repair, radiant heating, and more, contact California Radiant today at 866-476-5201.