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Our Radiant Heat Services

We Offer Comfort & Convenience

At California Radiant, our mission is to deliver the best in radiant heating services, including installations, repairs, and inspections. Our experts service all makes and models of radiant heating systems. We custom design systems for our customers and can work with virtually any home layout to bring you warm floors, energy savings, and efficient radiant heat.

Imagine the comfort you’ll experience each day as you walk across your home’s flooring without the need for socks, shoes, or even slippers. When you go to get your morning cup of coffee, your feet will be greeted by soothing warmth brought to you by radiant heat.

At the end of a stressful day, it’s relaxing to take a long, hot shower or bath, but no one wants to get out and step on a cold floor. Thanks to our radiant heat services, you’ll never have to experience a cold floor again—your feet will thank you.

Our Services

Premium Care & Maintenance

When you partner with California Radiant, you get much more than just great service—you get a team of professionals who know exactly what it takes to properly maintain your in-floor heating system. We offer a number of annual inspection and maintenance plans to ensure that our customers’ floor heating systems are operating at peak performance. If problems are found, we can repair than quickly and efficiently with minimal invasion to your home or schedule.

Good for the Planet

Our team also cares for the planet—our energy efficient systems are proof of that. If you’re experiencing high energy bills, we can recommend energy efficient solutions that not only cut down on your energy costs, but also conserve our environmental resources. We strive to offer the largest variety of eco-friendly radiant floor heating options in the Western California region. We’re sure to have one that works for you.

Contact our specialists today to see how we can help you enjoy warm floors, more efficient heating options, and lowered utility bills. Call 866-476-5201.