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California Radiant Specializes in Radiator Repair

Expert Repair Services & Maintenance

At California Radiant, we specialize in radiator repair because we don’t want our clients to suffer from inconvenience. Our experts recognize that radiator problems can also lead to dangerous leaks, flooding, and even fires. As a result, it’s incredibly important to have your radiator inspected at the very first sign of trouble.

We know radiators inside and out, and our team services all major makes and models from virtually any brand. When you call us to inspect your current system for problems, we can make repairs on the spot in most cases. If needed, we can also replace your radiator with a new unit or we can upgrade your current system with a modern radiator.

Symptoms of Radiator Malfunction

  • Uneven Temperature
  • Radiator Leaks
  • Strange Sounds/Smells Coming from the Radiator
  • Excessive Steam

Common Causes of Radiator Malfunction

Radiators can experience problems for a number of reasons, but some of the most common include corrosion, stuck thermostat openings, and broken pipes leading from the unit. Basic inspections can help detect these problems early, preventing costly repairs for you later. We offer a number of annual inspection plans that are perfect for preventing problems, and we repair issues, no matter their size or complexity, as quickly as possible.

If a Problem Occurs

If you find that your radiator is not working, it’s best to turn the unit off until one of our professionals can evaluate the situation. This will prevent more problems from occurring and can reduce the potential for leaking, flooding, overheating, and fires.

In addition, you should avoid touching the radiator or handling any of its connected parts for at least 30 minutes after you have turned the unit off. Radiators can create high temperatures that may lead to burns, especially if the unit is malfunctioning.

If you need radiator repair services for your home, contact California Radiant today at 866-476-5201.