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Manifold Repair & Installation in California

Servicing Major Brands & Systems

The manifold in your hydronic floor heating system is an essential element for ensuring that hot water is dispersed evenly and efficiently. Essentially, the manifold is the place where heated water is divided into smaller lines that run under your flooring. These lines are what create the radiant heat that keeps your flooring warm and your home comfortable. If a manifold malfunctions, you might experience not just experience cold floors—dangerous leaks or even floods can occur.

At California Radiant, our experts specialize in manifold repairs, and we can also install new equipment or upgrade an older manifold. All of our services are performed using the utmost care.

No matter the layout of your home, we can create a system that is customized for your individual needs. Whether you want your bathroom or kitchen flooring to remain warm all year long or you want to heat the flooring across your entire home, we can make it happen using the best brands and manifold products.

Signs of Manifold Malfunction

  • Cold Floors
  • Uneven Floor Temperatures
  • Water Leaks
  • Water Pressure Fluctuations
  • Strange Noises Coming from Flooring

Annual Inspections

Our team wants to ensure that our clients are able to enjoy their hydronic floor heating systems for years to come, so we offer and recommend annual inspections. These inspections allow our professional technicians the opportunity to check your system for functionality and to offer helpful advice, make repairs, and give you peace of mind. As mentioned, problems with a manifold can lead to dangerous leaks, and moisture buildup can further damage your system and your home.

Manifold Brands

California Radiant services all major brands of radiant floor heating manifolds. We can also repair and install manifolds that use various materials, including copper, brass, and stainless steel, as well as manifolds that utilize electronic balancing systems. Whether you’ve had a system installed in the past or you’re interested in a new manifold installation, we have options for you.

If you’re in need of manifold repair or if you’d like to have an expert inspect your system, contact California Radiant at 866-476-5201.