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Hiring a Licensed and Insured Heating Company in Carmel, CA

Imagine if you paid in full up-front for a heating project, but before the heating contractor was done, he skipped out and you couldn’t get a hold of him.  Imagine if you paid a small fortune to have a heating repair done, only to have your heating system break down a couple of weeks later.  These are the unpleasant situations that can be avoided by taking the time to choose a qualified heating technician to work at your Carmel, CA home The question is, how do you choose a heating technician that won’t leave you in a bind?  How do you make sure your money spent on a heating repair or heating installation is money well spent?  Well, at California Radiant, we think there are three important things to consider when choosing a California Bay area heating company.

1.      Are the heating technicians licensed and insured?  A heating contractor should have a license.  If he doesn’t have a license there is no way for you to know if he has the experience and knowledge needed to perform a heating service properly.  A heating contractor should also be insured.  If he isn’t insured that means that you could end up being liable if he becomes injured while on the job at your home.

2.      How long has the heating company been around?  Preferably, you want to find a heating technician at a reputable, established company.  This way if you have any issues going forward, you will be able to easily contact the heating company.  If you hire a heating technician who simply works out of a van, you may never be able to reach him again after he leaves your home.

 3.      Is the heating technician insistent on receiving a full payment before he begins the work?  While you do want to know the cost of a heating repair or heating installation up-front, you should never have to pay in full before the heating contractor begins work.  Always be wary when a heating technician insists that you pay in advance because he may bail out on the project before completion or do a dissatisfactory job.

At California Radiant we don’t want you to ever have an unpleasant experience with a heating company because we believe people deserve the quality workmanship that they pay for.  At California Radiant our licensed and insured heating technicians are among the best in the California Bay area, performing a variety of heating services including radiant floor heat installation and repair, boiler repair, and radiator repair.  If you need heating service in the California Bay area, we hope you’ll give us a call!

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